Dente family photo from 2009

A Parent’s Blessing: “Travel Well”

Seasons End Peace wears the softest summer smile, She lands, but only stays a while, Oh, where does she go? The seasons of parenting feel as fleeting as summer. A sense of peace hovers in my memories of those decades. My husband, Scott, and I sometimes shed tears when we get to talking about the … Read more

hope woke wokeness

Woke Yet? There’s Hope for Our Myopia

In the Eyes of the Woke Beholder I know some folks who believe that the earth is flat. Although others consider their views a joke, they consider themselves woke. So, too, academy-awarded actors who proclaim their enlightenment from their platform. They clasp the golden man and parrot the current political narratives. They would say they’re woke. As do the … Read more

a message in a bottle from my future self

A Letter From My Future Self

Dear Me, Your life is NOW. I know you try to be in it, to stay present, to be here as it is happening. But I admonish you to try even harder. Not with sheer willpower, but with surrender. Surrender as hard as you can. Surrender to life as it is. And trust. Trust in … Read more

be present with mindfulness and practice paying attention

Have You Noticed What You Notice?

Mindfulness Part 2: The Nature of Attention The natural world rejuvenates my mind and spirit, helps me be present. A slow walk on a lovely rustic path improves my mental and spiritual health. Living in Tennessee, I have access to many outdoor havens including Cheekwood Gardens, Warner Parks, and my pretty little yard. Absorbing the … Read more

Mindfulness: a serene face of a woman with eyes closed

Does Your Mind Have a Mind of its Own?

Mindfulness, Part 1: Becoming Aware For me, it started with prayer. Prayer has always been a challenge for me. A challenge to spend time with God, focusing on Him entirely. Maybe amazing saints pray for three hours a day on their knees in the snow. But not me. Five minutes into my devotional thoughts, I’m planning … Read more

A Mother Shares Her Daughter's Suffering

A Mother Shares Her Daughter’s Suffering

She was only 3 days old. We knew something was off: her breathing a little labored, her body a bit limp in her mother’s arms. But her vitals were within range and the experts on the phone said everything seemed all right. What could be wrong with my granddaughter? The Wonder of What’s Coming My … Read more

Scott Dente plays acoustic guitar

Something Special: An Interview with Scott Dente

Scott, as your wife and co-member of Out of the Grey, I have witnessed and been a part of your creative process for more than thirty years. I thought it would be fun to get your perspective on creativity in general and songwriting specifically. Q. Do you mind answering a few questions for me and my … Read more

out of the grey aka christine and scott dente walk across a dark lawn toward a bright future

Cloudy Today? Get Out of the Grey!

Puff Piece: As It Is Grey clouds have shrouded the better part of this year. Even a sunny summer can’t hide the insecurities of the season. In the past week, I have been working on an article about suffering and grief. My family has had its share lately. Yours, too, I imagine. We found out our … Read more

the woman in the willow

Sample Chapter from The Woman in the Willow

Chapter 11: God on the Lawn The crepe myrtle looked dead. Catherine twisted the tip of a branch. She broke off the brittle twig and concealed it in her palm—unable to bring herself to look for green inside. She had neglected the slender tree this year, forgetting to feed and water it, tucked away as … Read more

About Christine


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Hi! I’m Christine Dente. I am a writer and a singer/songwriter.
I am a God-pursuer and a Jesus-follower.

Someone once said that “we write our own medicine.” That’s what I have been doing most of my life with songs and with prose.

  • I try to draw beauty out of the grey shadows of life,
    • trace the shape of grace in childhood traumas,
      • find lifelines of hope in everyday dramas, and
        • share the things I’ve learned along the road.

I grew up on Horseshoe Road in rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I spent much of my childhood negotiating the rocky places in my parents’ relationship and the effects of their eventual divorce. Shaped by American culture and family dysfunction, I developed the skills I needed to survive and thrive in my high school years and beyond. Some of those skills needed dismantling when they wore out their usefulness. Some have made me what I am today.

In 1985, I met Scott Dente at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.
We graduated and married in 1987, moving to Nashville, Tennessee, a year later.

Armed with 2 cats and a guitar, we took on the music business and became recording artists 2 years later.

As Out of the Grey, Scott and I had the privilege of writing, recording, and performing our music as we were raising our family. You can find out more about Out of the Grey here.

After years of homeschooling and touring, our 3 children grew up and out of the house.
With more time on my hands, I let my thoughts and memories stretch their legs and take their turn in the journey.
I get to write books, blogs, and music.
I get to work on my issues with fear and faith.
I can discover some freedom in getting older.

This is where you find me.

May the words of my medicine and the meditations of my heart inspire and encourage you on your own journey!
Thanks for listening,


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“Lifelines - Tracing My Journey in Story and Song.”

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