Christine Dente singer songwriter Out of the GreyHi, I’m Christine Dente, also known as the singer for Out of the Grey. Thanks for visiting my website!

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Out of the Grey and On the Road

You’ve asked for Out of the Grey stories behind the songs for many years and I have finally compiled the first of what will be a series of volumes in this book called, Lifelines.  I write about life on the road, in the recording studio and even stories from my childhood.  Here’s a snippet of what’s inside:

   Chapter 8.  Steady Me  

    Sometimes this life of mine feels like a tight rope
    I’m going slow, watching where I walk
    And all this tension it keeps me on my toes
    But if I start to fall 

You steady me when I lose my step
And I start to stumble over the edge
Steady me and once again, it amazes me how gracefully
You steady me 

Keeping My Balance

Balance is not about a calm, predictable life. Rather it’s about a steady walk on the cable over the chasm and riding the inevitable gusts with grace and skill. And like a squirrel gliding across wide spaces between tree branches, there’s a beauty and an art to defying the grinding down gravity of this planet. 

Finding balance as a recording artist and touring musician was tricky for me. All those vans and tour buses across the country jostled my stability. The constantly changing scenery and venues messed with my equilibrium. The lovely counterweights of home and friends inevitably brought lots of grounding and regrouping.  

I am the kind of person who likes to do everything the right way but high expectations bring tension to my toes. When Scott and I tried to do everything that the record label wanted us to do, like lots of touring, bookstore appearances and radio shows—not to mention writing and recording the music—I found out how much I needed the steady hand of the Lord.

Bedheads and Bad Breath

 Our three kids, Julian, Carina and Chloe, loved packing for a tour. They’d gather their video games, toys and books, get in their PJ’s and pretend not to be tired. They were always thrilled when we’d finally be driving late at night to the supermarket parking lot where the tour bus awaited us! After a mad dash into the store for our bus food stash, we were off to wherever the driver would deliver us by daylight.

Scott and I prayed for sleep and safety as we tucked the 2 girls into their shared bottom bunk and Julian found his way to his top bunk. Scott would kiss me goodnight in my middle bunk and wish me luck as I pulled my curtain, put in my earplugs and put all our lives in the hands of our driver and God. The next morning always arrived and we would meet the people who brought us to their town to play our music. Never mind that we all had bedheads and bad breath. There’s nothing like being a musician….  

More to the Story


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  1. I am delighted to watch this site unfold. Yay! LOVED the book. It opened up a new side of you and your journey in the music world. Thanks for sharing you life and musical poetry to us. Looking forward to more Blogs.
    See ya,

  2. I’ve always been impressed by clever song lyrics that flow from deep spiritual well of faith and an intimate walk with our Living Lord Jesus – so, Christine that’s you (and company)!

  3. Hi Christine,

    Calvin from Singapore here (remember me? )

    Just wanted to say that last night, I finished reading your book (on Kindle), and this morning, I get an email from you containing links to buy it and to your blog etc!

    I enjoyed the book tremendously – especially the first chapter, “Animal House”…it resonated with me because three years ago, I got my first dog (Buddy) and he means the world to me…in fact, I would go as far as to say that I never experienced the kind of joy a sweet, unconditionally loving pet brings, and it sometimes made me wonder why God created “pets” in the first place? Do they serve any purpose other than companionship, fun, and cuddles? All these are good gifts but surely the “invention of the concept of pets” by God goes deeper?

    Then I read the last sentence of that chapter, and it made me bawl because I believe you hit the nail on the head: “Perhaps they were signs and messengers of God’s love right there at my fingertips”. I believe they indeed are, for I have learned quite a bit about my own relationship with God through my dog (btw, have you read the book “Stay” by Dave Burchett? Another excellent book!).

    I have also been re-listening to your (and Scott’s) music – yesterday it was the “Gravity” CD in the car, today its “See Inside”. Highly enjoyable and I love both the melodies and insightful lyrics. Looking forward to more music from your new music project. Incidentally, I was one of the contributors for your most recent project “A Little Light Left”.

    Thank you for sharing your words, music, life and faith. They made a difference!

    • Hey Calvin, of course I remember you! So glad the book is resonating with you–and that you have a dog that loves you unconditionally ( :
      Thanks for your encouragement and support! ~Christine

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