What Do You Want From Me?

I have been writing and posting on this site for many years now.

In reviewing past posts and planning for the future, I am wondering what you’d like to hear from me:

More of the same or less, please?

A little of this and a little of that?

However you say it, say it here in the comment section. The lists below will help you decide.

Thanks for engaging in the journey of finding life in the bigger story!

What Do You Want to Know?

In future posts, would you like to know more about:

  • my personal and family life
  • my professional life
  • my creative life

Would you want to read articles about:

  • things I think about
  • parenting in hindsight
  • faith in everyday life
  • the creative process
  • Out of the Grey music
  • Christine Dente music
  • stories from the studio and tour bus
  • stories behind the songs
  • the recording process
  • songwriting techniques
  • vocal technique

 Things I Think About:

  1. Faith and God
  2. Fear and Freedom
  3. Mindfulness and Meditation
  4. Suffering and Struggle
  5. Grace and Growing older

Things I know about:

  1. Creativity
  2. Marriage
  3. Raising kids
  4. Songwriting
  5. Singing
  6. Out of the Grey music/ stories behind the songs
  7. Life on the road and in the studio

PLEASE add your thoughts in the COMMENT section below. Tell me what you want from me.

I will read, publish, and respond to each one.
OR you can respond to this post privately at christineotg@gmail.com

Thanks for joining me in finding life in the bigger story!



36 thoughts on “What Do You Want From Me?”

  1. Hi Christine!

    We (your readers) will probably start with the vague, but true answer that anything you want to write about is fine with us. That’s not a cop out. I appreciate ALL of them.

    Personally, I’m at a stage in my life where I tend to gravitate more toward the bullet points in the “Things I Think About” list. Deep calls to deep and I love your insights. They help me put my own insights in order. We all know that feeling of relief that happens when somebody is able to masterfully put into words our own thoughts and emotions that we have trouble articulating. I have experienced that connection in many of your articles. It’s the familiar “You think that way, too?” scenerio. I have also experienced that eyebrow raising “food for thought” to chew on when I hadn’t seen a topic from a different angle. Those insights stay with me as I test my own perspectives (eg. connecting vs projecting, WAIT). Is that too much pressure to put on you??? I hope not. Don’t think about it too much. Whatever you write naturally resonates with me. You can’t go wrong for me. (Funny, that’s the same way I feel about your songs.)

    Just keep writing!

  2. Thanks, E. Terrific encouragement. Writers who articulate what I’m thinking also draw me! It is a feeling of relief to connect that way—to know we’re not alone in our own head. “Why Am I Talking” percolates in the background whenever I publish a new piece. I’ll try not to think about it too much : )

  3. Because my brother went to Berklee School of Music, I would love to her about what made you decide to go there and your overall experience

  4. Christine,

    I love this opportunity to contribute an idea towards continuing your site in a new direction employing the suggestions of your subscribers. My favorite songs of Out of the Grey are “Unfolding,” “Constant,” and “Disappear.” You took a word and expanded on it to demonstrate an intuitive relationship with God. Also, in your “The Singer and the Songwriter” book you highlighted bubble and branch images for creating song lyrics. In these veins, how about offering us a chance to choose a word for interplay among us from each person’s perspective – such as “Heaven,” “Balanced,” or “Devilish.” Best wishes for your holiday activities!

  5. Hi Christine! Completely new to your site. A friend pointed me in the direction of your music and I hopped online and found your site. From what I’ve read so far, I appreciate your reflective perspective that seeks to dig to the deeper, eternal meanings and purposes of our everyday.

    Beyond that, I’d love to hear more about your creative work and life. I’m especially drawn in because of your story of raising a family in the midst of this. I have been songwriting for 8 years… started when I had three under 6yrs. Five years ago starting performing them and they seem to be connecting with others in my local community where I’m glad to serve and be a part. I have been seeking God sincerely on if it’s his plan for me to invest in recording my work.

    So I’d love to hear about your daily life as a mom, wife and musician, mainly because that’s where I find myself.

    Regardless of where you land on content, I’m thankful to have found your work and I’ll be returning to get caught up on more.

    • Thanks, Tawnya—you are in the thick of life, it sounds like! I appreciate you taking the time to dig in and tell me what you think. Thanks for the encouragement ( :

  6. Hi Christine. I’m happy to read anything you want to write about. It always seems to hit the mark and gives me food for thought or a well needed boost.

  7. I read your email and I was liking the idea of “story behind songs” I love the lyrics ” So we never got to Paris …” I have thought of that song so many times. Our daughter went last month and I was so happy for her to experience it. Hopefully, we’ll get to go too.
    I would like to relay something that happened last weekend. I went with my husband to the Verizon store so he could get the new iPhone 11…. 🙂 I struck up a conversation with a little boy who was sitting across from his dad. I could tell he was bored so I said: “where are you headed today ?” He was looking at a map on his dad’s phone. He said we’ll we used to live in Franklin Tennessee and we sold our house so we are in an RV headed to California, I said ” wow I was just in Nashville Tennessee last week. I said to the Dad lots of Christian artists live in that Area. He said ” that’s what I do I mix music for Christian Artist. He said he mainly works for King and Country so I scoured social media and found his hame, Ainslie Grosse I asked if he had listened to the new Toby Mac Album and we laminated the passing of his son just last week while we were visiting Nashville. I told him I love Susan Ashton, Cindy Morgan, Out of the Grey, Chalie Peacock and Bret Bourgeois’s music and he said “Oh the real musicians. ” 🙂 I suspect he was my age 57. It struck me and yes I agreed !!

  8. Hi Christine,
    Love all your music especially Closer to Free and A Little Light Left which are beautifully written. They don’t sound like cheesy christian songs but songs about life for you. I’ve looked up Julian’s music as well. I imagine you are so proud of him.
    Please continue writing blog posts and music.
    May you be refreshed in the Lord!
    Jim n Deb

  9. All of the things you think about are the things that occupy my mind these days. Your life and it’s particulars are shared in the context of these issues, so many of your other billet points get covered along the way

  10. I like to hear stories behind songs. Kinda fastens a handle to those fantastic hooks and thoughtful lyrics, making them more accessible to those of us out here in flyover land who live under a big sky and sometimes look up and wonder about stuff.

  11. I’ve always loved your word craft, especially in your song lyrics. I’d like to see anything like that: lyrics from songs that didn’t turn into songs, new “words without songs” (nod to Mendelssohn), or poems. And if you still have in mind a book “From Just So to So What” maybe roll that out a bit at a time like 19th century serial.

  12. Hi Christine!

    I would like to hear more about the Out of the Grey life on the road, more specifically stories about touring, the venues and churches visited, relationships built with other christian artists toured with, set lists, and related photos. About your touring experience with Margaret Becker (1994), and then with Michelle Tumes (2004). Also, behind-the-scenes descriptions relating to your videos “Gravity” and “All We Need” that would include the settings and people involved with making that happen. And, just as importantly more stories about the other half of the artsy duo – Scott – and his thoughts, ideas, and feelings about the touring experience – both with Out of the Grey and with Keaggy and King (1998). It would also be interesting to hear of how the Dente family spent time in between performances and the places visited. Lastly, I would like to know if Out of the Grey would consider releasing a Christmas CD. It would be exciting to include Julian, Carina and Chloe on the songs. Your ministry will always be appreciated. And, many blessings for your continued service to the Lord!


    • Mitchell, yes, there are a lot of road/ touring stories plus the music video tapings with Steve Taylor. And some dirt on Scott : ) Good ideas! Thank you.

  13. Christine. Have loved your music for a long time. Again like a lot of folks I enjoy your insight on any topic really but I’ve always enjoyed stories behind the music. Things like how your sons music making is going. Any links to that etc. Any music projects coming up. Story’s behind meaningful songs to you personally. How your dealing with growing older also since I’m a year away from turning 60 . Except for Gods Word, Music has always been the forum God used in my life more often than anything else. I’ve got 11,000 songs on my iTunes account. ( not a typo or exaggeration). All Christian music. Have felt a responsibility to support artists who make the music so I’ve never pirated or anything like that. Absolutely hate the Spotify’s and other streaming services that are getting wealthy off the artists hard work. ( that’s another story). Anyway love hearing from you thru your website. Love any opportunity to listen to your new music. God had blessed you with an angelic voice. Not really a good comparison since I’ve never heard an angel sing but you know what I mean. Thanks for the opportunity to share. It shows a servants attitude in your willingness to want input in something so personal. Be blessed.

    • Hey Jimmy, thanks for the kind words and reminders. You gave me a lot of great ideas for topics. Also, I appreciate your support of the music makers in the midst of strugging to make a living. Not easy for anyone, really.

  14. As I write this, I’m listening to “Voyage.” I realize how lucky and blessed we are that you are still making music and have a presence on the web for writing your thoughts and sharing with us. So, in answer to your question of what we’d like to hear from you, …yes, we want all of the above that you posted about wanting to share. I love your insights and words, and want it all, thankful that you are sharing!
    As for what else you might share? Here are a few things I would love to see/hear from you:
    *A Christmas Album
    *Live singing (online concerts maybe)
    *Videos to some of your recent or forthcoming songs
    *More new music!
    *A new trio album (you, Susan Ashton, and Kelly Minter, maybe)
    *More interviews with you and Scott as OOTG
    *A new OOTG album with a rock sound
    *etc, etc…

    • Hi Andriah, Thanks for all of the thumbs-up : ) Yes, new music is definitely a good idea for the future. Thanks for saying so!

  15. Christine, I would like to hear more from you on parenting in hindsight. ALSO, it’s not on your list, but I’ve been in your home and I know that you are very organized. I’d love to hear how your brain works in that regard. (Please share some of your “Martha” with this “Mary.”)

    • Haha, Karthi, you don’t want to experience my perfectionistic brain. Thanks for your suggestions-scary as parenting hindsight can be (:

  16. I joined God’s family in 1993. Nothing’s Gonna Keep From YOU was one of the first songs I found then and I was blessed to actually perform it at church in the coming years. Thank you for that gift ❤️No one has a perfect life; our Christian raised daughter is on a rebellion path right now, so it’s difficult being 51 and a child one homeschooled and loved with all your soul turns away from faith and family. Hearing the challenges Christians face, but with stories that are still in progress or don’t end neatly wrapped up in a bow helps me feel less alienated.

  17. Christine, I am interested in hearing your opinion on why many Christian musicians experience significant moral failures. Of course, no names or judgment for we all stumble in many ways, but it can be discouraging to see those we look up to fall from grace.

  18. I’ve been listening to your music since album 2 came out, which was just yesterday, right? 😊 What I love hearing about is what you are reading from God’s Word…what He’s teaching you…because it’s the passion that drives all of your songs. There’s such a richness to your musicality and lyrics as a result. You aren’t just repeating the same common phrases over and over. Your music is poetry and your poetry is music. 💕

    • Wendy, thanks for weighing in on my question and for the encouraging words. And yes, it seems like yesterday when we released our second record (:


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