Get Busy Living

My husband and I are supposed to go out with friends tonight.

The restaurant will be crowded.

We will stand cramped in the doorway for half an hour waiting for a table.

We will be a group of shouting people from start to finish, trying to arch our words across the din and dinner.

Chunky wooden tables surrounded by thick-legged chairs that stall and stutter along the sticky floor will control our bodies and conversation.

The food will be heavy. I will eat enough to weigh me down for a day or two.

I will have snippets of connection with the 2 people closest to me on my tiny island in a sea of sound. The drinks will mix their muddling into the evening about one hour in.

Soon after, the laughter and leaning-in to catch the bouncing chatter around the rectangular table will wear me out. I will begin to stare as if in trance, missing the person’s words on which I am trying to focus.

Later tonight, I will fall into bed, my ears ringing, my mind whirling with everything said.

Why would I want to subject myself to this situation?

I could decline and say, “some other time.”

But I don’t, we won’t. Why not?

Well, because they are our people.

Meeting at a place.

Eating, drinking, relating, connecting.

It’s what we do.

If we didn’t, we’d be dead.

As my husband just said, life is flying by. Life is happening now.

At our age, or maybe any age, it’s almost over all the time.

Some other time is not a given.

So better get busy living.

12 thoughts on “Get Busy Living”

  1. Christine, you describe the place, the people, the event exactly as I experience it. If I could write moments, there would always be intimate, quiet conversations, un rushed, uncrowded restaurants where each would have a chance to speak as well as listen. But that isn’t reality. If I were picking and choosing based upon my own criteria, I’d end up shrinking my world down to the size of just me. This is a good word. Life is flying by. I just realized this week, that at 55, I qualify for 10 percent discounts at many restaurants and free beverage. I’m a senior citizen. Dang!

    • Well said, Phyllis:”If I were picking and choosing based upon my own criteria, I’d end up shrinking my world down to the size of just me.”

  2. for me it’s get busy living and get out of the office job for me at this age ” it’s almost over all the time” seems much more relevant and in the my thoughts often
    TY cuz, Tracy

  3. Very true. I prefer to be somewhere I can hear people and a smaller group to talk to. Life is indeed for living!

  4. So on point. Thank you! In my first 30 years as a believer I believed well. I am learning in my 50’s to add to that ‘living well’.


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