Order The Woman in the Willow and get the free audiobook!

Order The Woman in the Willow and get the free audiobook!

My husband, Scott, recorded and produced me reading my book, The Woman in the Willow.

I decided to give it away to anyone who orders via my website.

Just order the book then email me at christineotg@gmail.com

ASAP, you’ll get the audiobook read by me in your inbox!

the woman in the willow
Reading and recording my book in the studio

What’s the Story About?

Here’s the back cover description of the novel:

the woman in the willow, a novel by christine dente

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Freedom in Fiction

Why did I write this book?

Old Age is creeping up on me. She will, God-willing, knock on my door in a few years. Beyond my desire to live a simple and contemplative life, is the wonder of what I will become. Already, I sense my tendency to stiffen and settle, to give way to a negative outlook. Instead, I’d rather keep stretching, stay flexible, and learn to go with the flow of life.

Will my body and spirit succumb to the stifling effects of gravity and pain? Or will I find the strength to keep growing and bending with the wind? I don’t want my heart to close but to stay open like a willow tree, sharing grace and beauty in the place God plants me. I pray my trajectory of 56 years has not taken me too far afield of the accepting, compassionate old woman I wish to become.

With The Woman in the Willow, I was free to try on my character, to create a drama exploring her choices. I wrote my novel, in part, to search for the sage in me, the woman who ages with grace and wisdom. My fiction asks,

Can an old woman flower and flow, despite her heart’s instinct to tighten and close?

Journey with me to discover the answer: My book launched into the world on September 1st, 2020!

If you order the paperback or ebook, I’ll send you a FREE audiobook  ( :

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Read more about the story behind the story here: “What Would You Be, If Free to be Anything You Wanted?”

2 thoughts on “Order The Woman in the Willow and get the free audiobook!”

  1. That’s a great question about aging gracefully. I’m not far behind you in the race of ages, and that question has been with me since my teens: how to become old and not bitter? to become the old guy who’s graciousness disarms the skepticism of the surly teen I was? Well, the question has been a good guide, whether or not I reach its end.

    • Yes, Sean, well-said. I want to grow old with the “graciousness that disarms skepticism!” Thanks for digging in and commenting 🙂


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