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The Longest Night: a Survivor’s Story

By Christine Dente | December 27, 2023
a full moon shines on a snowy winter forest

Have you ever lain awake for hours, unable to sleep, knowing you had to get up early? I’ve had many nights like this: Each hour on the clock reigniting my brain. Every thought in my head stirring me further awake. The impending alarm looming in the dark. It can be a torturous experience. Quite recently, … Read more

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The Power of the Tales We Tell

By Christine Dente | July 12, 2023
The power of the tales we tell

Our thoughts have a lot of power. They come out of nowhere. They say things that may not be true. And if we don’t rein them in, they make up stories that take us to crazy places. On top of that, our bodies believe the tales our minds have to tell. Apparently, our nervous systems … Read more

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Are You Happy Now?

By Christine Dente | March 22, 2023
Are You Happy Now? Christine Dente

People tend to live for the future. We hope to be happy someday. As soon as our eyes flutter open on a solid new morning, our minds close in on the hours ahead. Like this morning, when dawn glowed outside my bedroom curtains, I could have lingered in her dreamy calm. Instead, my inner manager … Read more

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Once Upon a Time in Christian Music

By Christine Dente | November 10, 2022
once upon a time in Christian music: Christine and Scott Dente pose in the early days as Out of the Grey.

Gatekeepers Have you ever bumped up against a gatekeeper? You know, the person in charge of a thing who bars entrance to their domain? They’ll let you through only if you dutifully bow to their power, repeat their creed, or maybe pay the right price. It helps if you have a nice face. Once upon a … Read more

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Am I Doing My Best?

By Christine Dente | October 9, 2022
doing my best

Sometimes I feel stuck, like I can’t change despite my efforts. From physical afflictions to moods and attitudes, there are parts of me that seem imbedded beyond any self-helping or God-healing reach. I usually feel better when I spell out my frustrations, either by journaling, conversing, or meeting with my counselor. At the end of … Read more

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What’s The Story About?

By Christine Dente | August 2, 2022
the woman in the willow novel by christine dente

The Woman in the Willow: A Tale of Hope and Redemption I wrote a novel about a woman facing old age. Old Age is creeping up on me. She will, God-willing, knock on my door in a few years. Beyond my desire to live a simple and contemplative life, is the wonder of what I … Read more

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My Mother in Pieces

By Christine Dente | March 17, 2022
dementia in pieces of my mother

Overgrown Toenails Oh no! My mother’s toenails, clipped just this morning, are now strewn across my kitchen floor. Pieces of my mother I’d meant to throw away.  I’ve just spent time with her in the Memory Care facility. After my one-hour drive there, I had arrived in fear of what condition she’d be in.  Last … Read more

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Does Your Mind Have a Mind of its Own?

By Christine Dente | March 1, 2022
does your mind have a mind of its own?

Mindfulness, Part 1: Becoming Aware For me, it started with prayer. Prayer has always been a challenge for me. A challenge to spend time with God, focusing on Him entirely. Maybe amazing saints pray for three hours a day on their knees in the snow. But not me. Five minutes into my devotional thoughts, I’m planning … Read more

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God Hasn’t Changed, But I Have

By Christine Dente | February 21, 2022
young woman holds a pile of books and contemplates a banana

Bananas As a one-year-old, my daughter, Chloe, ate a banana every day. I’d mash up that meal for her like cashing in a guarantee: she’d get a solid breakfast to help her grow, no matter what other foods she’d refuse throughout the day.  By two she was peeling and eating the fruit as she toddled … Read more

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Woke Yet? There’s Hope for Our Myopia

By Christine Dente | January 31, 2022
hope woke wokeness

In the Eyes of the Woke Beholder I know some folks who believe that the earth is flat. Although others consider their views a joke, they consider themselves woke. So, too, academy-awarded actors who proclaim their enlightenment from their platform. They clasp the golden man and parrot the current political narratives. They would say they’re woke. As do the … Read more

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