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A Mother Shares Her Daughter’s Suffering

By Christine Dente | January 25, 2021
A Mother Shares Her Daughter's Suffering

She was only 3 days old. We knew something was off: her breathing a little labored, her body a bit limp in her mother’s arms. But her vitals were within range and the experts on the phone said everything seemed all right. What could be wrong with my granddaughter? The Wonder of What’s Coming My … Read more

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Something Special: An Interview with Scott Dente

By Christine Dente | October 31, 2020
Scott Dente plays acoustic guitar

Scott, as your wife and co-member of Out of the Grey, I have witnessed and been a part of your creative process for more than thirty years. I thought it would be fun to get your perspective on creativity in general and songwriting specifically. Q. Do you mind answering a few questions for me and my … Read more

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Cloudy Today? Get Out of the Grey!

By Christine Dente | August 17, 2020
out of the grey aka christine and scott dente walk across a dark lawn toward a bright future

Puff Piece: As It Is Grey clouds have shrouded the better part of this year. Even a sunny summer can’t hide the insecurities of the season. In the past week, I have been working on an article about suffering and grief. My family has had its share lately. Yours, too, I imagine. We found out our … Read more

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The Woman in the Willow: A Chapter from my Story

By Christine Dente | August 4, 2020
the woman in the willow embraces the changing seasons

A Story of Redemption and Hope Chapter 11: God on the Lawn The crepe myrtle looked dead. Catherine twisted the tip of a branch. She broke off the brittle twig and concealed it in her palm—unable to bring herself to look for green inside. She had neglected the slender tree this year, forgetting to feed … Read more

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What would you be, if free to be anything you wanted?

By Christine Dente | June 17, 2020
what would you be if free to be anything

Free to be anything? You might be surprised by your answer. I sure was. 3 Parts to the Story  My friend, Melissa, asked this intriguing question one evening at a gathering of friends. Whenever she and her husband, Ken, throw their doors open, my husband and I join the party. The conversation spins up a … Read more

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My Daughter Shares in the Wonder of Being A Mother

By Christine Dente | May 21, 2020
my daughter shares in the wonder of being a mother

My daughter, Carina, is having a daughter next month. In early June, a new little girl will arrive in the world. My granddaughter. At 8 months pregnant, the size and shape of Carina’s baby are obvious—Baby Callaway is definitely in the world though not quite of it. She can hear her parents’ voices, low hums … Read more

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Mother’s Day: A Song for Mom

By Christine Dente | May 9, 2020
christine and her mother, Sandy on mothers day

You Were There Verse 1 I can see you Running beside my bicycle Holding me up as I try balancing by myself I can see you Making the meals and making ends meet Soup on the stove, snow days at home Love in my lunch box wrapped around a treat    And through all my … Read more

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Villains and Victims: Is There More to The Story?

By Christine Dente | April 27, 2020
big bad wolf attacks little red riding hood

Villains The young man sat in his truck in my neighbor’s driveway, laying on the horn. No one came outside, so he kept beeping. Five minutes of this and I’d had enough. I stepped out my front door and made a knocking fist sign to the kid in the drive. He rolled down his passenger … Read more

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Finding Freedom In Confinement

By Christine Dente | March 21, 2020
finding freedom in confinement

Are you finding new freedom in this self-imposed confinement? Living With Limitations Social distancing and sheltering in place in the time of Coronavirus have created a unique situation for many of us. For example, a friend who lives alone is now working from home. This could double the loneliness for her, but at least she … Read more

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Babies on the Bus: Trust in Life Unfolding

By Christine Dente | February 28, 2020
Trust in life unfolding

Volunteer Babysitters “Hey, Out of the Grey, here’s your babysitter for the day,” said Ron, the road manager. The teenage boy stood at the door of our tour bus and reached to shake our hands. Gulp. My husband and I exchanged a quick glance then invited him into our home on the road.  Up the steps came … Read more

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