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3 Creative Ways to Move Toward Emotional Health

By Christine Dente | February 26, 2020
3 pug dogs move toward emotional and mental health

Get Out of Your Head and Into Emotional Health: 3 Ideas If you are like me, you get stuck in your head and need help moving toward emotional and mental health. Do you have a secret sadness or a shapeless grief that keeps you down? Do you lean toward despondency, especially in colder seasons? What if … Read more

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10 Songwriting Tips for Better Songwriting

By Christine Dente | February 8, 2020
Scott Dente writes a song on his acoustic guitar

We songwriters can all use new songwriting tips. Even tried and true songwriters can do better from time to time. Inspiration can come from unlikely places. For example, whenever I hear the intro to Steely Dan’s song Aja, joy wells up in my chest.  I was studying songwriting at Berklee College of Music in Boston when … Read more

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The Art of Compromise or The Compromise of Art

By Christine Dente | December 16, 2019
art of compromise

Gravity and Relativity Out of the Grey lite. That’s what my husband Scott and I call Gravity, our fourth record. Actually, a fan came up to our CD table after a concert one night in 1995 and bestowed that description. “I love all of your albums up to this point but this new one is more like … Read more

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Change–Going The Distance

By Christine Dente | December 15, 2019

I don’t like change very much. I cried every time I tried to finish the song,“The Distance.” It’s a song about my son growing up and out of the house. It took me 5 years, really, to put the final lines together and then let it go, move on. Planted on my padded piano bench, my … Read more

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The Curse of Encouragement: 3 Ways to See It

By Christine Dente | December 14, 2019
cute pink pig frowns at the curse of encouragement

Last spring, I went to a dinner party where I barely knew anyone. As I walked in, I decided to be open-hearted and unguarded for a change. And for once, I would refrain from offering unsolicited encouragement. I told myself: “Just listen to people and don’t share your much-needed insights or words of wisdom. Be … Read more

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Of Fear, Faith, and Foxes

By Christine Dente | August 28, 2019

The Beginnings of Fear When I was eight years old, a strange man banged on our front door. My mom opened it and he asked her, “this cat out here yours?” Looking over her shoulder at me, he leaned in to say something which only she could hear. Mom turned to me and my sister … Read more

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The Music Recording Process: Part 1, An Overview

By Christine Dente | April 28, 2019
christine dente recording lead vocals

The Music Recording Process in Order of Appearance I thoroughly enjoy the music recording process. At least the way my husband and I did it as recording artist, Out of the Grey. Crafting a song from start to finish in the recording studio excites me. My favorite part of this art is singing the lead vocal. … Read more

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Happy with Your Lot in Life?

By Christine Dente | March 26, 2019
living with your lot in life

Every spring, people get an itch for something new, something different. Many people move to new homes in this season, looking for a different situation or a change of view. They are imagining a better lot in life. This spring, I have an itch for updating, remodeling, and just cleaning out the house I have. Yet, I … Read more

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Finding the Blind Spots

By Christine Dente | February 5, 2019
rear view mirror

I looked in the rear-view mirror twice to be certain no one was in that lane. Turn signal on, I made my move across that dotted white line. “Watch out!” My husband had been looking in the same direction as I had, but he saw the car I had not seen. An angry horn blast … Read more

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Making Connections, Not Projections

By Christine Dente | January 23, 2019
making connections

Walking with my daughter, Carina, on a lakeside trail recently, I happened upon an epiphany: I project when I don’t connect. What I mean is, I create mental projections on the wall of my imagination if I do not have real-life interactions and conversations. Like when a friend has not called me in a month, … Read more

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