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“The Only Moment”: The Story Behind the Song

By Christine Dente | July 19, 2017
Out of the Grey CD cover

Muggy Mid-July State of Mind Oh, my muggy mid-July state of mind!  Can’t seem to focus my thoughts on anything productive. The air is heavy on my shoulders and drapes itself in a shiny layer onto my skin. I feel stuck and can’t find the energy to make a move. My musings take a turn … Read more

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Winter Sun Lyrics

By Christine Dente | July 17, 2017

                                                  Winter Sun You are the one that drew me here Now that I’ve come, I find I am no nearer to you Led by the light so dim, you didn’t … Read more

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Bubble Girl: The Story Behind the Song

By Christine Dente | June 17, 2017

Story Behind the Song The “Bubble Girl” song is from the latest Out of the Grey album titled, A Little Light Left, by Christine and Scott Dente. Click here to see the lyrics or view them at the bottom of this page. Bubble Girl #1 This girl is an amalgam of sorts. Parts of our 2 … Read more

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The Voice: You Are Your Instrument!

By Christine Dente | May 18, 2017

I will never forget that ONE concert in college where I sang that ONE song with that ONE unforgettable note! No, not the thrilling Whitney Houston/Carrie Underwood/Beyoncé kind of note: as high as the heavens, long as the day and loud as a train.  No, this note–my note–was quite the opposite. The VOICE: the Instrument It … Read more

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The Recording Process #2: Comping the Lead Vocals

By Christine Dente | April 27, 2017
Christine Dente and Julian Dente in the recording studio

Comping Lead Vocals: The Studio Magic Have you ever wondered how the finished vocals that you hear on a recording can sound so flawless? Do you stand amazed at the perfect pitch most singers seem to have these days compared to, say, recordings from the ’60’s and ’70’s when the singer occasionally went sharp or flat? … Read more

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The Recording Process #3: Singing Background Vocals, Part 1

By Christine Dente | April 26, 2017
recording vocals, little terrier, Josie, the family dog, wearing headphones

Singing Background Vocals: Starting It Up Have you heard about background vocals or BGV’s for short? Back Ground Vocals are often the final task and one of the hardest parts of the recording process. Once the artist, producer, and players have recorded all of the tracks, the overdubs, and the lead vocals (read my blog … Read more

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The Recording Process #4: BGV’s Part 2

By Christine Dente | April 25, 2017
singing boy in profile belting into a studio microphone

Singing: BGV’s By Definition In Part 1 of this series about singing background vocals, I described the first 4 items on this list. I have tried to simplify how it all happens in the recording studio with some quick definitions and examples. Read the first part here. Now let’s talk about numbers 5, 6, and … Read more

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Out of Denial: How I Found Life in the Bigger Story

By Christine Dente | February 1, 2017
coming out of denial

Two Men and a Gun When I was twenty, I got mugged by two thugs in Boston. I was walking home alone from a friend’s apartment when I noticed two guys approaching me on the dark sidewalk. One of them had a gun in his hand. Before I could think, they grabbed me and shoved … Read more

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