The Rock and The Hard Place: Finding A Way Out of Unsolvable Problems

When UP is Not an Option There’s the rock and there’s the hard place. Then there’s me in the middle. The sides of these impossible walls are smooth and sheer. They are close enough together to make me claustrophobic but far enough apart to keep me from shimmying up between them. Sure, I can look up … Read more

finding life in creativity

Finding Life in Creativity

Creativity 101 I wrote my first song after leaving home.  At eighteen, I’d moved out of my house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and landed at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh as a college freshman. It was my first time living away from home. Feeling the loneliness of being a 5-hour drive from all that was familiar, I … Read more

Vulnerability’s Voice: See Through Me

As a grubby little tomboy climbing trees, I longed to be seen.  “Watch me, Dad!” He didn’t see me because he wasn’t around. My mom was always there but the “Bad Dad” impact seems to override a lot of the “Good Mom” effect. Once when he was there, I had run crying to him because my kitten was trapped … Read more

Get Busy Living

My husband and I are supposed to go out with friends tonight. The restaurant will be crowded. We will stand cramped in the doorway for half an hour waiting for a table. We will be a group of shouting people from start to finish, trying to arch our words across the din and dinner. Chunky … Read more


How To Be A Great Parent

3 Parenting Essentials Did you have a great father growing up? Was your mother perfect? Are you a good parent, intentional and aware of how you’re raising your kids?  — If you are like me, your parents were far from perfect.  — If you are like me, you’re realizing that you have much less control of how … Read more

change: going the distance

The Distance: A Song About Change

for Julian upon his high school graduation in 2010, from Mom from the Out of the Grey project, A Little Light Left The sun sets as we drive the Trace I’ll never forget this side of your face It’s not the same as it was So much has changed since I met you   We … Read more

finding freedom from judgment

I’m Worse Than You Think!

Finding Freedom from Judgment A Christian pastor announced he had decided to stop worrying about what others thought of him. He needed freedom from judgment. He chose to be honest with himself and say, “If people are judging me, they’re probably right. In fact, I am worse than they think I am.” Recently, a friend … Read more

finding freedom to change

Butterflies Inside

“Finding Freedom to Change” I feel myself on the edge of better things Close to giving all my wishes wings Change for some comes fast and furious For me it’s slow and hidden in the chrysalis In this song, I sing about change as something that comes quickly for some but slowly for me, like the slow changes … Read more

sweet white dog

I Wanted My Dog Dead

“But I’m Finding Compassion Instead” I’ve threatened to kill Luna. I’ve cursed her name. I’ve smacked her on the butt a few times in her life. Oh, and maybe kicked her lightly once as she went out the door. Luna is the family dog. Throughout the 13 years of her life with us, she has … Read more

About Christine


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Hi! I’m Christine Dente. I am a writer and a singer/songwriter.
I am a God-pursuer and a Jesus-follower.

Someone once said that “we write our own medicine.” That’s what I have been doing most of my life with songs and with prose.

  • I try to draw beauty out of the grey shadows of life,
    • trace the shape of grace in childhood traumas,
      • find lifelines of hope in everyday dramas, and
        • share the things I’ve learned along the road.

I grew up on Horseshoe Road in rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I spent much of my childhood negotiating the rocky places in my parents’ relationship and the effects of their eventual divorce. Shaped by American culture and family dysfunction, I developed the skills I needed to survive and thrive in my high school years and beyond. Some of those skills needed dismantling when they wore out their usefulness. Some have made me what I am today.

In 1985, I met Scott Dente at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.
We graduated and married in 1987, moving to Nashville, Tennessee, a year later.

Armed with 2 cats and a guitar, we took on the music business and became recording artists 2 years later.

As Out of the Grey, Scott and I had the privilege of writing, recording, and performing our music as we were raising our family. You can find out more about Out of the Grey here.

After years of homeschooling and touring, our 3 children grew up and out of the house.
With more time on my hands, I let my thoughts and memories stretch their legs and take their turn in the journey.
I get to write books, blogs, and music.
I get to work on my issues with fear and faith.
I can discover some freedom in getting older.

This is where you find me.

May the words of my medicine and the meditations of my heart inspire and encourage you on your own journey!
Thanks for listening,


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“Lifelines - Tracing My Journey in Story and Song.”

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